Nnsonus sip trunking for dummies pdf

A background with sip training and pstn t1, isdn pri and tcpip knowledge will be helpful. The sg defines the call routing table to use for processing the call, sba. Just like youd get a traditional phone line subscription from a landline provider, sip trunking is provided by a sip provider. The call routing table contains a list of call routing entries. While talking to our sales team we learned that most of people call for voip phone lines, dont understand how does sip trunking actually works. Sbc basic call processing for dummies sip to sip sbc. This video will give business owners and managers a brief tutorial on how sip trunking works and its benefits. Sip trunks an idiots guide to understanding them gotrunk.

As is the case in any for dummies book, each of these chapters is selfcontained, so you dont need to read the entire book from start to finish. Sip trunking for dummies overviews how sip trunking, and the move to voip, can collectively reduce traditional enterprise telecom bills by up to 75%. If you see a chapter in the table of contents that you already know everything about, feel free to skip it. Sip, which stands for session initiation protocol, is the technology used for establishing a voice communication session on a data network for. Pdf sip trunking for dummies, sonus special edition. Conversely, if you see one that may have just the right information youve. Those call route entries define which transformation table sba. The session initiation protocol sip is a signaling protocol used to establish a communication session between parties.

Sip trunking enables the end points pbx to send and receive calls via the internet. Sip trunking free download as powerpoint presentation. A july 2012 report commissioned by sonus and conducted by webtorials, found that one in three enterprises have deployed sip trunking with an average cost savings of approximately 33%. As sip is applied for the signalling protocol for multiple realtime application. Unified communications technology plays a big role in the success of business making the transition from pstn to a more advanced network system, sip. Sonus introduces new sip trunking for dummiesr and. An excellent sip trunking service lets you use your existing pbx equipment to transition into an internetpowered telephone network.

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