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The scta has a formal and specific rule change process in place. Scta cancels bonneville speed week for 2015 onallcylinders. Though scta rules allow liberal use of modern technology, calverts creation is strictly presilicon chip. If you go back to the inception of the dry lakes and bonneville racers in the late 40s and 50s just about everything was a pushrod motor brit bikes, harleys, indians. Jalika triumph bonneville klotz synthetic scta bonneville speed week pre unit. Everything you need to know about the bonneville salt flats. Bonneville salt flats discussion scta rule questions moderator. This is not to say it is easy the rules are very strict, safety is everything and im damn glad that scta and the whole bonneville gang care about my ass probably more than i would if left to my own devices. Contains every page of these programs with masses of stories and photos of the great land speed racers from early socal speed shop to.

These include an update to the wording for section 1. It is stronger than the old cast iron flywheels, but since scta s rules state no cast iron flywheels unless you can show them the nodular iron has sufficient strength, you need to replace it with a billet steel or aluminum flywheel if you are going to run the car in their land speed events. The southern california timing association and the bonneville nationals inc website. It is a nonprofit, volunteer organization made up of eleven separate car clubs. Scta rulebook engine classes letter cubic inch displacement approximate liter equiv. Staging lanes are setup and all return roads are complete. Southern california timing association scta is a competition sanctioning body that maintains. The southern california timing association scta organizes.

Our products bonneville nationals inc bni bonneville nationals inc bni 2020 scta official rulebook. You could go the the scta bni site and look up xfpp records and stuff. Slr 111717 1 of 18 2018 scta league regulations slr these regulations shall apply to all ustascta league divisions. The downside of the weekend was the cold temperatures experienced by the overnight campers, some reported night time temps as low as 19 deg. Heres the website i recommend buying a rule book so you can get a. Use the links below to access online registration and consent forms.

Typically the new one is not available until after april 1st 2019 rule books are available. I wrote this article in after my first time racing at scta speed week at the bonneville salt flats. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. The scta 20172018 season rulebook spells out what to expect, what shape your bike should be in, how the points work, our fees and dues. Seeing opportunity in adversity, thompson and his crew went to work on the challenger ii, making subtle but significant improvements in five key areas for the 2016 record attempt. Scta has approved the adoption of rules and regulations for scta leagues that shall be known as the slr scta league regulations.

Scta has been in existence since its first meeting on november 29, 1937 and is considered to be. Impound insights november 1415, 2015 beautiful southern california weather greeted the racers on friday for tech inspection. Why cant you use your own self control and just not post just to make trouble for your your own self destructive satisfaction. Porsche carrera 911 was built strictly to the scta rulebook. Sctabni host event at mojave mile following bonneville. Land speed grand championship ama supplemental regulations chapter 12. At that first bonneville nationals hosted by the southern california timing association scta, the racing classes were. More information on the various motorcycle classifications for running on the salt flats is available further on in this page should help you in determining what class you want to build your motorcycle to race in. Pirelli world superbike tires, which are mandated by the rules. The seller states that the car should be ready for the 2015 season currently scheduled for august 814, but that a look at the updated rulebook is required to be certain. The 2016 rules and records book is available online at the scta website. There are also many instances of rules and regulations that are particular to. Some of the prices for entry may not be completely correct as there can be changes over the years.

This new scta twobook set is a complete reproduction of bonneville national speed trials and speed week programs from 1949 to 1968. Searching for salt all dressed up with nowhere to go at bonneville. Today, of course, overhead cam engines are the standard by which all are judged but, giving a nod to history, the land speed racing sanctioning bodies. Danny thompson drives challenger ii to scta aafs class re. Xfbvgalt, xobvgalt, xxfbvgalt, xxobvgalt, v4bvgalt, v4fbvgalt vintage gas altered coupe.

Please be sure to provide them with your contact information. Searching for salt all dressed up with nowhere to go at bonneville speedway. Without the approval of the scta, no amendments to these. Race car photographs taken at the southern california timing association bonneville nationals inc.

Interestingly, the rules stipulate that the car must retain its rain gutters, and the. The 2015 nhra quick reference chart with sfi expirations has been posted to the web site. Technical bonneville in a traditional coupe scta the. When i was researching for our trip out to bonneville speed week. You will receive a subscription to the scta racing news, an scta tshirt, a membership card and the latest rule book. There are also many instances of rules and regulations that are particular to the dlra speed week. The ama land speed events bonneville motorcycle speed trials operates a bit different, but. A volunteer organization with its start in 1937, the southern california timing association scta, combined with bonneville nationals, inc. The scta league regulations may be amended by the scta. Though racers had been using the salt flats at bonneville for years malcolm campbell was the first to go 300mph there in 1935, in 1949 hot rod magazine and the scta teamed. Canada international 2020 bni membership form view duplicate trophy form view save the salt organization donate today drivers medical form. The beginners guide to bonneville speed week roadkill.

See more ideas about racing, bonneville motorcycle and flats. Any request for deviation from any rule contained in this rule book shall be. Bonneville salt flats for beginners hot rod magazine. Xfvgalt, xovgalt, xxfvgalt, xxovgalt v4vgalt, v4fvgalt blown vintage gas coupe. August 5, 2015 the racingjunk editors news 2 photo. The detailed info below relates to bonneville in general, and to the scta events in particular. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Please be advised that orders placed through our store will be processed in 23 business days from the time of your order. We used the official results posted in the scta site for driver and team names, and all timing results you see in this article. Xfvfalt, xovfalt, xxfvfalt, xxovfalt, v4vfalt, v4fvfalt blown vintage gas altered coupe. Scta southern california timing association facebook. Cr1 helmets refer to cross reference listings from the rulebook.

Any active scta bni member may submit a request for rule change or clarification at any time by obtaining the proper form from the scta office or the registration trailer at an event. Scta rulebook engine classes letter cubic inch displacement. Sctabni bonneville lsr vintage motorcycle class rules. Rulebooks, tshirts, hats, books, movies, and more bonneville goodies. The rules permit a 50% displacement advantage to flathead motors, as used in pre1970 ama class c, not the previously used drop of two classes. Racing to bonneville with the simon kilger erickson. The rulebook goes on to state that these tubes must terminate into. Here is a photo showing the first bonneville rule book that i purchased in 1970, a more recent rule book, and a layout drawing of a previous streamliner design version. Land speed records generally bring to mind the streamliners as the scream across the bonneville salt flats at speeds of over 750 miles per hour, but theres actually more to setting land speed records than just the streamliners. Argentina, austria, belgium, china, greece, india, ireland, israel. The bonneville salt flats is located in the northwest corner of utah, two hours west of salt lake city and right on the border of nevada.

The most recent rule amendment postponed the rule regarding wings on open cars. Ncha rules will be strictly adhered to and enforced by the executive director, staff, and the executive committee of the ncha. A parachute use policy for bonneville is added to the rulebook. Sep 05, 20 if you go back to the inception of the dry lakes and bonneville racers in the late 40s and 50s just about everything was a pushrod motor brit bikes, harleys, indians. Skita rules have seven 7 rule options that have to be determined by the tournament promoter. The countdown is on for speed week, the landspeed racing event of the year. Bonneville speed week travel guide the xenophile life. Project history i became interested in running at bonneville when i was a twentysomething engineering graduate student and was racing motorcycles as a hobby. These crossreferenced listings are part of the class rules. The header section has the details of your entry note. August 29 updated information about rules, regulations etc posting soon. It is the remnant of an ice age saltwater lake that. Any request for deviation from any rule contained in this rulebook shall be submitted in writing in accordance with the rule. The former remyz remyz, youve outdone yourself again, i thought a mirada was the icing on the cake of rodding, but this imperial is the spread of little 99cent candy letters spelling out eat me on top of that cake.

In spite of the misconception that you can just throw anything together and run it on the bonneville salt flats there is a plan in effect to allow vehicles to safely run the race course in a safe and orderly manner. Here is a list of the rule changes for the 2012 scta rulebook. One thing that a lot of folks dont realize is that scta has coordinated racing at bonneville for more 61 years and, over the years, they have learned a lot about driver safety. In determining whether violations of the rules have occurred, the executive committee or members of any hearing committee as. Scta bni bonneville lsr vintage motorcycle class rules. Inspection has begun and will open tomorrow at 8 a.

For complete information on eligibility, registration procedures, awards and more, download the sctp official handbook. Rulebook change requests must be submitted by sep 1st, to be considered for the next years rulebook. There are different racing categories as well as classes for the cars, the motorcycles and even the go karts and. All proposed amendments shall be in writing and shall be forwarded to the slc no later than june 1st. About 100 cars set up in the pits, which is a temporary village resembling a bedouin encampment. The southern california timing association scta, had to scrap their. May 14, 2015 the 2015 event runs from august 29 th to september 3 rd. The correct options are only listed in the most current rules at a glance section 4 options in complete 2000 skita rulebook are incorrect. Vintage triumph engine record holder with stock rigid frame.

I wrote this article in 2010, after my first time racing at scta speed week at the bonneville salt flats. Class proliferation in scta racing this makes me sick this is sad what happend to this thread due to a few negative bickering people you know many of us enjoy this type of info and use it and learn from it. Searching for salt all dressed up with nowhere to go at. Triumph has confirmed that motorcycle racer guy martin will pilot its rocket iii. Before you leave for bonneville, get your rulebook in hand and go stand next to your car and carefully read through sections 2 ii and 3 iii and check how each item pertains to your particular car. We chose the kawasaki ninja zx10r because we felt it gave us the best. Mar 09, 2007 for those interested, the 2007 rulebook has arrived from the printer and is available.

Scta rulebook the southern california trials association scta is a notforprofit organization promoting the sport of mototrials in southern california, and beyond. The scta racing news is the oldest racing magazine still published in america the first issue was published in 1937. To gain membership into the mph club, the vehicle must run the measured mile twice in the same event at a speed no less than mph. Scta bni speed week event at the bonneville salt flats, wendover, utah. Scta southern california timing association, orosi, california. The same would hold true for 2015, when poor environmental conditions once again prompted the scta to cancel bonneville speed week and the later world finals. All decisions of the race director and the scta contest board are final. There is also a searchable table on our website in the results section here.

This speed week makes sixtytwo years that southern california timing association scta and bonneville nationals incorporated bni. With this publication you know your ad will reach the people that use your products and services. In years past i recall that the scta approved rule changes were shown here on in advance of the. If there is not a record listed for a particular class, that record is. Scta cancels bonneville speed week for 2015 posted by david fuller on july 20, 2015 at 3. Mitzi valenzuela when the scta bni made the difficult decision to cancel bonneville speedweek for the second year in a row due to flooding, they were already looking for a way to make it up to the racers who had been anticipating running on the salt. Motorcycles set land speed records on the salt flats in bonneville.

Every single technical specification in the rule book is there due to an accident, death or situation that preceded it. Small claims tribunals act singapore statutes online. In memoriam bob mitchell 19302010 ssusa founder hall of fame 2009 jim sherman 19382010 national u. The scta southern california timing association made the announcement today via social media, citing the lack of salt suitable for a safe race course. Alp sungurtekin preunit triumph 175 mph record setting. All courses are ready for racing and the blue lines are down. Where a conflict occurs between the crossreferenced listing and a rule contained under this class, the rule contained under this class has precedence. All regulations are subject to change without notice. Scta southern california timing association notes facebook.

All questions regarding interpretation of the rules, or entry to the event should be directed to the event promoter, not the ama. Today, of course, overhead cam engines are the standard by which all are judged but, giving a nod to history, the land speed racing sanctioning bodies maintain separate records for pushrod engine vehicles. Despite being a desolate, lifeless desert for about 300 days a year, the bonneville salt flats may be one of the most exciting places in the whole state of utah. Feb 14, 2017 though it shares a rulebook and record book with scta, usfra sanctions smaller, more casual events. Scta southern california timing association posts facebook. Why join sctp sctp official handbook sctp best practices guide sctp official protest form sctp allstate team criteria sssf permission slip midwayusa foundation team endowment account form 201920 head coach.

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