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The yuma high school shop allows you to customize yuma high school clothing for every type of criminals fan. Yuma highs distinctive mascot came when the original school building was destroyed by fire in 1910. Before becoming one of arizona favorite state parks in 1961, the county hospital used the prison from 1914 until 1923. From the date of closure, the prisons facilities have been occupied and used by various groups. Its more than that for yuma high school classmates. Yuma trades baseball for soccer san diego uniontribune. Yuma high school criminals alumni classmate photos yearbooks. What became of the yuma territorial prison after its.

The school was founded in 1909, three years before arizona became a state. That same year, the yuma football team traveled to phoenix union high school to play the coyotes. We realize that a yuma high school year book may be hard to find so registering to complete your schools virtual yearbook may be the next best thing to finding yuma high school yearbooks. An oval is cut out to ex pose a view of the old prison which served as the high school that year. Yuma high won the game and the consensus state championship, and the angry phoenix union fans dubbed the yuma high players the criminals. The yuma alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Yuma high school turned the tables by adopting criminals as its mascot name a term still used proudly by yuma high students and grads today. The origin of the nickname goes back to a time when america had 47 states, and arizona wasnt one of them. To filter results, select a yuma, az high school using the links to the right.

The school athletic teams became known as the criminals. At the end of the first year, twelve seniors graduated. Library yearbookpublications yuma union high school. The county hospital utilized the facilities from 1914 until 1923. To this day, yuma high school students and players are known as the criminals. For the next few years yumas children learned their reading, writing, and rithmetic in a place where criminals feared to tread. Does your high school class have a fullfeatured alumni website. There is no guarantee of any content or yearbook information posted on the site. Yearbooks were not published for the school years 19 to 1922. The school then used the yuma territorial prison, which had been closed, for the next three years. The listing of alumni from yuma, az includes graduates from 11 schools. Todays yuma high school annual is also saguaro with one r sunfotolook alires three members of the dance troupe tried tina white and penny johnston. Just make a post below to find another person who went to school in yuma to make the trade. Yuma high schools criminal past and present arizona.

Yuma territorial prison a highschool full of criminals. The holidays are a great time to reflect on years past so share those photos so all of our criminals can remember the. Saving the prison about half of the original prison was destroyed when the railroad rerouted its main line in the 1920s. The back has criminals embroidered in white with black trim.

Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you. As it turns out, despite the connotations associated with their namesake, yumas students, staff and alumni are proud to call themselves criminals. We realize that a yuma union high school year book may be hard to find so registering to complete your schools virtual yearbook may be the next best thing to finding yuma union high school yearbooks. Fire, demolition, and reconstruction after a fire destroyed it, the main gym was rebuilt in 1958. The yuma territorial prison opened its doors and closed in 1909 it didnt lie fallow for long. Be sure to take a few minutes and upload those images for all of our yuma high school criminals alumni to see. Yuma union high school districts websites serve as a resource to the community and beyond, in order to provide current information about our schools, access to staff, and opportunities to deliver interactive services 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. A year later the southern pacific rr demolished the.

After the schools building burned down in 1910 it needed a new home, and some enterprising souls pointed out that this big huge building was completely empty. When yuma unexpectedly won, yuma adopted the nickname and mascot with pride and thereby earned the unique nickname. The site is now operated as a historical museum by arizona state parks as yuma territorial prison state. Its hot in yuma, arizona most of the year, so make sure to bring neutrogena sunscreen, broad spectrum spf 45. The list of names is also useful for getting together a yuma union high school reunion if you dont have a complete list of the students from. Brand new adult size yuma high school criminals cap. Behind the walls of yuma territorial prison world history. Yuma territorial prison state historic park welcome to. This cap is beautifully crafted with polyester and with double needle stitching by top of the world headwear. Inside the book, saguarro is spelled with only one r. It is one of the yuma crossing and associated sites on the national register of historic places in the yuma crossing national heritage area. To search or share yuma high school photos and yearbooks, you must first register or log in.

That relationship lasted until 1914, but the era is wellpreserved because yuma high schools athletic teams are still nicknamed the criminals. Sign up to reconnect with your friends and fellow graduates for free. Yhs marching criminals hosting yumas 3rd marching band exhibition show name. Customize any of our yuma high school designs to fully personalize your product by choosing colors, text, and even adding a. Yuma high school is full of criminals blasting news. Cross body bags prevent theft and are much easier to access. View the 1959 yuma union high school yearbook for free, or buy a reprint. Yuma high school proud home of the criminals, yuma, arizona. The phoenix team dubbed the yuma high school team the criminals. In existence for only 33 years, yuma territorial prison struck fear into the criminals who were sentenced to spend time there. Then in 1917 the school board made criminals the official nickname of the school. Opened on july 1, 1876, and shut down on september 15, 1909. Yuma high school criminals apparel store prep sportswear. It was our senior year at yuma high school class of 89.

For former yuma students from az, you can view the class reunion information that has been posted by other site visitors. This class reunion website is a complementary addition to your existing alumni resources. From 1910 to 1914 the yuma high school occupied the prison buildings. Park history yuma territorial prison state historic park. While many modern improvements of the time were included in the complex, it also contained the dark cell, a place of punishment for those who did not abide by the regulations of the day. High school alumni in yuma, arizona az class finders. Yuma high school criminals apparel we have thousands of custom yuma high school tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, bags, backpacks, and other accessories in stock. To search or share yuma high school photos and yearbooks, you must first. There is a history and a pride of the school from the name of the school mascot, crim, crim head, to the origins of campus yuma territorial prison state historic park, to the enjoyment of the play on words, ie were criminals, we served 4 years, were now on parole, cell block and more. The football team was scheduled to play a favoredtowin football team in phoenix. The crims, as theyre often called, are now housed in their own high school and the prison is now the yuma territorial prison state park. In 1914, school began in the newly constructed main building. Find 12894 alumni members from yuma union high school in yuma, az. The yuma territorial prison is a former prison located in yuma, arizona, united states.

At first, this was a fighting word to the school community, but by 1917, it had stuck, and the name was officially adopted by the school board. According to the schools official website, the first yuma high school was established in 1909, three years before the arizona territory became the 48th state. Patrick mitchell obituary yuma, az arizona daily star. Classes were held in the cellblocks, and assemblies took place in the prison hospital. Whether youre a yuma high school student, parent, player, fan, or alumni, youll choose from over 500 products in the yuma high school store to customize including the newest yuma criminals tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats. This is the official page of yuma high school, in yuma, az proudly established in 1909.

At first this angered the yuma students, but as time went on they came to be proud of the name. You have benefitted so many high school alumni in organizing their class reunions. Recapture your memories, share with your family, and reconnect with your classmates. The list of names is also useful for getting together a yuma high school reunion if you dont have a complete list of the students from your graduating class. If you want to buy a yuma high school yearbook or sell your yuma high yearbook, this is the place to do it. All yearbooks have been digitally preserved on dvd by the yhs alumni foundation. It is the responsibility of the members to post content, photos, yearbooks and information on the site. That same year, the yuma football team was dubbed the criminals by fans of phoenix union high school, whose football team had just been defeated in the championship game. When the padres left their spring practice training field in yuma, ariz. Yuma high school, yuma, arizona az 2961 10019 e knox ave, spokane valley wa, 99206. I was invited to perform at our 10 year reunion yes in drag in yuma az and once again i was the only 1 that had a video camera so this is. Yuhsd makes every effort to ensure that published information is accurate and current.

The yuma high criminals and crosstown rivals, the kofa kings. The next year on september 14, 1959, the school board divided the district into two high schools. Yuma high school history yuma territorial prison state. Of all the nations best mascots, few can hold a candle to the tops in arizona in terms of sheer originality and a deep historic connection with a schools past. One year after the school started, it was moved to the arizona territorial prison, and it stayed at that location for three.

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