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The book who was sacagawea is an historical story, but im going to connect the main character with a world current or person. Modeled reading project the first pages of the book onto a whiteboard or screen and read them aloud to students. A biography of the shoshone girl, sacagawea, from age eleven when she was kidnapped by the hitdatsa to the end of her journey with lewis and clark, plus speculation about her later life. Having sacagawea on the trip also helped to keep the peace with the native americans. She and her husband were guides from the great plains to the pacific ocean and back. I am sacagawea is a childrens picture book written by brad meltzer and illustrated by christopher eliopoulos. The sacagawea dollar coin was first released for circulation on january 27, 2000 with the purpose of honoring sacagawea, the shoshone woman who accompanied lewis and clark on their expedition to the pacific ocean. She is best known for her role in assisting the lewis and clark expedition. They had been sent by president thomas jefferson to explore the louisiana purchase and the lands to the west.

Sacagawea and the lewis and clark expedition timeline. An interactive notebook pocket has been provided, however, this brochure can be. Book club books good books lap books reading club lewis and clark native american history reading levels social studies childrens books i am sacagawea by grace norwich 92 sacagawea this book is a biography of sacagawea, a shoshoni indian who guided the lewis and clark expedition across the western half of the united states from 1804 to. Sacagawea was a shoshone interpreter best known for being the only woman on the lewis and clark expedition into the american west. I am sacagawea by brad meltzer goodreads share book. Sacagawea acted fast and caught most of the lighter articles such as research notes, books and instruments. Sacagawea research project brochure with interactive notebook pocket. The story written in detail of the lewis and clark expedition highlighting the biography of sacajawea. The sacagawea dollar coin was first released for circulation on january 27, 2000 with the purpose of honoring sacagawea, the shoshone woman who accompanied lewis and clark on their expedition to the pacific ocean on june 1998 the dollar coin design advisory committee, supported by members of the public, recommended creating a dollar coin with the image of sacagawea. Sacajawea, carrying jean baptiste, accompanies her husband charbonneau on the journey. The life of sacajawea timeline timetoast timelines. Beyond lewis and clark is an online exhibit developed by the kansas museum of history.

In todays world of what we think is a hard life, it becomes an eye opener to the sufferings of a different time, a different culture a different world. Sacagawea was a shoshone guide and interpreter who basically held the entire lewis and clark expedition together. After reading the introduction written in the voice of sacagawea, ask students to describe sacagawea. The salmon eater or agaidika tribe was who she was born into. Below is a timeline of lewis and clarks extraordinary expedition. A biography greenwood biographies and millions of other books are. Explore history with famous female navigator sacagawea. Sacagawea aka sakakawea or sacajawea was a shoshone native american woman, who helped explorers william clark and meriwether lewis and their corps of discovery on their way to the pacific ocean serving as an interpreter and a guide. A timeline created with timetoasts interactive timeline maker. Sacagawea didnt have a proper education, but she learned from her tribes. There was a happy reunion, and sacagawea was able to buy horses for the crew.

The biography, timeline, growth mindset, and online research allows your. Very exciting historical novel in early american history. Despite her pivotal role in this era of manifest destiny and. If you enjoy history i think you will love this book about sacajaweathe hardest part is learning to spell her name.

This is a historical nonfiction book about sacagawea. Here are weird things you didnt know about sacagawea. Sacajaweas quick action saves many valuable supplies from floating away. Summitt is assistant professor of history at arizona state universitys polytechnic campus. She joined the expedition at fort mandan in 1805 when captains meriwether lewis and william clark hired her husband, toussaint charbonneau, as an interpreter. By seeing the events of history recorded in linear progression, your students will make connections between those events in history that they might not otherwise make. The sacagawea river is a tributary of the musselshell river and is located in north central montana. Clark became the legal guardian of lisette and jean baptiste and listed sacagawea as deceased in a list he compiled in the 1820s.

Jan 16, 2020 below is a timeline of lewis and clarks extraordinary expedition. Hebard formalized her theory in her 1932 book, sacagawea. As the lewis and clark expedition is heavily represented in the u. Written by abb, age 9 i rate it more like 67 stars it is a beautiful thing to think of i think that sacagawea was an amazing person and a person to rememberforever students love the i am books. Shortly after the birth of a daughter named lisette, a woman identified only as charbonneaus wife but believed to be sacagawea died at the end of 1812 at fort manuel, near presentday mobridge, south dakota.

Sacagawea is a riveting account and intimate look into the life of one of americas most beloved women. The young femalewith baby indian guide on the expedition. All the milestones and dates in history that marked the great expedition. Sep 06, 2018 theres no disney movie about sacagawea yet, but most americans know sacagawea s name. A timeline listing the important events during sacajawea. July 28, 1784 sacagawea born in a agaidiku tribe of the lemhi shoshone, current day idaho. He even provided them with a guide who helped them through the rocky mountains. For the first time, sacagawea and the expedition met a group of native americans. See sacagawea s life and journey set in a timeline. Sacagawea, kidnapped as an adolescent and sold as a slave to a frenchcanadian fur trader, is best known for her role as interpreter and symbol of goodwill for lewis and clark on their journey west. Sacagawea is an interactive historical novel that challenges readers to dig deeper into the true lives of extraordinary individuals and stretches the idea of how stories. Taking a rare look beyond the myths and legends surrounding sacagawea s life, this extraordinary illustrated history recounts the known facts about a remarkable women and her contribution to one of americas greatest journeys of exploration. Sacagaweas son as a symbol by furtwangler, albert oregon historical quarterly, vol.

Remaining calm, she retrieved important papers, instruments, books, medicine. Sacajawea sacajawea she is generally called the bird woman in english, although this translation has been challenged, and there has been much dispute about the form of her native american name and origins. She had 2 known brothers and 1 sister, her older brothers name was cameahwait. Between 18041806, while still a teenager, she guided the adventurers from the northern great plains to the pacific ocean and back. A timeline will give your student a unique perspective of time. They were often cold and hungry and she had to carry and feed a baby. Sacagawea joined the expedition at fort mandan north dakota in 1805 and parted from the corps of discovery at that same location in 1806, on their return journey. Within 10 minutes sacagawea gave birth to a healthy boy named jean baptiste, and today were all very thankful that lewis didnt go on to write any books about obstetrics because no laboring mother wants pulverized rattlesnake tail served up with her ice chips. This sacagawea womens history research activity is creative and filled with opportunities for differentiation. The life of sacajawea timeline created by rarobertson. Sacagawea had the presence of mind to gather crucial papers, books, navigational instruments, medicines and other provisions that might have otherwise disappearedall while simultaneously. Jul 15, 2017 learn about the brave young shoshone sacajawea, as she guides lewis and clark across the dangerous wilderness of america to find a better trail to the west. Sacagawea interpereted for clark and lewis, but then discovered that the chief was her brother, cameahwait. List of books and articles about sacajawea online research.

Another resource that is produced by knowledge quest is a collection of full size 10. Beyond lewis and clark sacagawea kansas historical society. This book was simply amazing and i recommend it to anyone who likes to see history come alive. Her interests were going on journeys, working in teams, and taking care of children. At the age of twelve 1800 she was kidnapped by a group of hidatsa and the battle that provoked it caused the death of four women, four men and several boys from the shoshone tribe. Sacagawea carter g woodson award book awards kindle edition by erdrich, liselotte, buffalohead, julie. Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car cbc marketplace duration. Sacagawea was a native american woman who helped lewis and clark find their way across the west, and her efforts helped the u. Her parents names were believed to be otter woman mother and smoked lodge father.

Informational text features include a map, a timeline, an introduction to historical figures, and numerous sidebars, all of which enhance the chronological narrative of the book. This is a good one for history and has a lot of good facts about sacagawea. Sacagawea carter g woodson award book awards kindle. May 22, 2017 the life of sacagawea sacagawea was the shoshone indian who assisted the historic lewis and clark expedition. Apr 02, 2012 sacagawea died a year later at the age of 25. Sacagawea, shoshone indian woman who, as interpreter, traveled thousands of. May 20, 1805 in recognition for sacagawea s action a river was named after her. Taking a rare look beyond the myths and legends surrounding sacagaweas life, this extraordinary illustrated history recounts the known facts about a remarkable woman and her contribution to one of americas greatest journeys of exploration. Sacagawea was born in may of 1788 she was born in 1788. Sacagawea 2004 dramatized documentary for classroom. Louis in 1812 from unknown sickness, but indian lore claims that she left toussaint charbonneau, remarried a chief of a comanche tribe and finally died in her shoshone tribe around 1814. Her skills as a translator were invaluable, as was her intimate knowledge of some difficult terrain. Sacagawea carter g woodson award book awards kindle edition.

Sacagawea, the only native american included in lewis and clarks historic expedition, joins the inspiring list of heroes whose stories are told in this new york times bestselling biography series. On july 25, 1806, clark named pompeys tower now pompeys pillar on the yellowstone after her son, whom clark. It is a biographical picture book of sacagawea a lemhi shoshone woman who was notable in helping lewis and clark in their expedition. Each book tells the story of one of americas icons in a lively, conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers and that always includes the heros childhood influences. Scholastics new biography series i am will feature fullcolor illustrated covers, onecolor illustrations throughout, a timeline, an introduction to the people youll meet in the book, maps, sidebars, and a top ten list of important things to know at the end of every book. Sacagawea is a wonderful choice for a womens history month biography study or for a native american history unit. History of sacagawea sacagawea timeline sacagawea facts. Measure the time taken to cross great planes and wilderness of the great american unknown. This twosided trifold mini book template allows students to dig deeper into facts about this important historical figure. One of those nameless squaws is the famous sacagawea. Sacagawea was born circa 1788 to a shoshone indian chief in an area of the american west that is presentday idaho. Sacagawea was one of the female prisoners taken at that time. Sacajawea led a very extraordinary life through her experiences with the lewis and clark expedition that taught her so much more than other indian women of the period.

Combining beautifully wrought oil paintings, a moving true story, and a unique larger format, sacagawea will captivate readers of all ages. Sacagawea was not the guide for the expedition, as some have erroneously portrayed her. Playing a vital role as the only woman travelling with lewis and clark, sacajawea was a guide, interpreter, and explorer. Feb 27, 2020 sacagawea was a shoshone interpreter best known for being the only woman on the lewis and clark expedition into the american west. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Meeting lewis and clark in 1804, an expedition led by captains meriwether lewis and william clark arrived near to where sacagawea lived. Then project the map on page 7, the people you will meet on pages 89, and the timeline on pages 1011. Buy products related to sacagawea biography products and see what customers say about sacagawea. She is the 17yearold, pregnant wife of toussaint charbonneau, a french canadian trader hired by lewis and clark as a hidatsa interpreter. In 2010, italian pianist and composer alessandra celletti released sketches of sacagawea, a limitededition tribute box set with an album and accompanying book, on alkemi lab.

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