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L i for 145 kv system kvp l i for 36 kv system kvp power transformer 1050 0 950 550 170. Manual hot washing of tranquell arresters with a single stream of. At all other system voltages, this margin is even greater. About 35% of these are power distribution equipment, 28% are other electrical equipment. The selection of the surge arrester depends on the application to be protected. Shielded surge arresters metal oxide varistor mov surge. Dutycycle voltage rating ieee the designated maximum permissible voltage between its terminals at which an arrester is designed to perform its duty cycle test. Surges transferred through transformers in the past, some utilities carfully selected arresters for both highand lowside transformer winding. Heavy duty distribution class surge arresters varisil he.

Metal oxide surge arrester xps 2 performance data maximum system voltages vm 2. Porcelain top unit 315 kv a special feature of the arrester is an auxiliary low current venting device. Abb has more than 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing surge arresters and protection devices. The dmxn surge arrester is designed to meet the following performance data. Siemens has been designing and manufacturing medium and highvoltage surge arresters for standard and special applications since 1925. Ultrasil polymerhoused evolution 10 ka ieee surge arresters for mv systems to 36 kv. The proper selection and application of lightning arresters in a system involve. It intended for use by kplc in purchasing the surge arresters. It is placed very near to the equipment and when the lightning occurs the arrester diverts the high voltage wave of lightning to the ground. Application guide dynavar metaloxide surge arrester. The voltage was recorded at the substation 11022 kv and at.

Ultrasil polymerhoused evolution 10 ka ieee surge arresters for mv systems to 36 kv surge arrester catalog data ca235018en effective december 2019 supersedes may 2017. Arrester rating kv rms 5 6 9 10 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 mcov kv rms4. Arresters for ac power circuits as a normal duty distribution class arrester. The source of the lightning was represented by the atp models type15 surge function and type ramp function and the surge arrester was represented by the movtype 92 component. About 55% of these are power distribution equipment, 38% are other electrical equipment. Surge arresters transmission products siemens global. The lightning arrestors are used for protection of incoming and outgoing line and also of the power transformers from lightning surge as well as from power frequency over voltage. Ultrasil polymerhoused evolution 10 ka ieee surge arresters for. Design of lightning arresters for electrical power systems. Pdf application and analysis for surge arrester on. The proven type 3ek7 surge arrester is also available for indoor use. Class 5 20,000 amp nominal discharge current, ur 360 kv station class. This table documents how well the arrester clamps lightning and switching surges, which is the fundamental purpose of arresters.

Distribution systems siemens 3ek cage design distribution class surge arrester product. Eaton s cooper power series distribution arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for any electric distribution system. Not available in parkingstand lightning arrester 15 kv catalog number ordering information hubbell product prefix e elbow arrester p parkingstand 2 1 5 l a example. Instructions for type ivs autovalve service with pressure relief. Mediumvoltage surge arresters surge arresters are used for protection of electrical equipment from all kind of overvoltages caused by lightening or switching operations. The dmxn gapless metal oxide polymer surge arrester has been veri ied to meet or exceed all heavy duty distribution class requirements of ansi. Type dmxn surge arresters maximum system voltage 2 to 36 kv. The 3ek7 surge arrester for indoor use is a cage design surge arrester that offers the same features as the version for outdoor use. There shall be minimum number of arrestor units for lightning arrestors of 120 kv rating and above. A higher rated arrester increases the ability of the arrester to survive on the power system, but reduces the protective margin it provides for a specific insulation level. Type moa rated voltage kvrms mcov kvrms current impulse residual voltage 2ms rectangular current impulse withstand kvcrest 410. Mediumvoltage arresters for distribution networks surge. Continuous research and development, the wealth of siemens knowhow and comprehensive worldwide experience give siemens surge arresters a leading edge in overvoltage protection. The specification stipulates the minimum requirements for 11kv and 33 kv surge arresters acceptable for use in the company and it shall be the responsibility of the supplier to ensure adequacy of the design, good workmanship and good engineering practice in the.

Complete foundation drawings for the structure of lightning arrestor, where applicable. Standard lightning arrester ratings see notes as below app type circuit rating mcov stock number oh 2400 v delta 3 kv 2. For 15 kv and 25 kv class deadbreak system elbow arresters, use catalog number 156esa with the appropriate duty cycle. Capability against multiple lightning is greatly improved. The surge arrester shall be designed and constructed in accordance with iec 600994. A wide variety of 36kv lightning arrester options are available to you, such as application, material. Highvoltage surge arresters digital asset management siemens. The arrester mcov is shown in group 2 of table 1 and given in kv 1 kv volts.

Both arrester survival and equipment protection must be considered in arrester selection. A lightning arrester is essentially a collection of billions of microscopic junctions of metal oxide grains that turn on and off in microseconds to form a current path from the top terminal to the ground terminal of the arrester. High current 410 s 100 ka peak low current 2000 s 900 a peak energy capability. Bsa installed by turning internal hex bolt accessed through the 200 a bushing interface with a 5. The application and selection of lightning arresters. Following assembly, each arrester is subjected to a battery of electrical tests to assure the highest quality and inservice field performance. This voltage is determined during the course of testing the arrester to ieee standard c62. Secocue 36v gas insulated medium voltage switchgear switchgear technical specifications general rated voltage kv 272417. The overvoltage energy absorption capability of our zinc oxide surge arrester is as follows. Dehn protects mediumvoltage systems brochure ds 125.

Tov curve a graph that shows the power frequency withstand voltage vs. Types of lightning arresters the lightning arrester protects the electrical equipment from lightning. The ge tranquell line of surge arrester products provide excellent protective characteristics. Distribution class arresters meet or exceed the requirements of ieee std c62. Understanding the arrester datasheet nema arresters. Eatons cooper power series distribution arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for any electric distribution system. They have set the standard for design and manufacturing of polymeric distributionclass arresters up to 36 kv. Csa 36 10 26 569 54 further alternatives concerning continuos operating voltage uc and nominal discharge current in upon request. The selection of arrester depends on the various factors like voltage, current, reliability, etc. Ur 360 kv station class pollution level requirement classification. Polimd distribution class polymerhoused arresters 2 metal oxide surge arrester polimd performance data maximum system voltages vm 2. Product brochure type pexlim surge arresters 72362 kv.

Compared to the heavy light lightning area without arrester, the percentages of inductive faults decrease by 75% and 81% 59. Hubbell power systems is a proud member of the hubbell family. Mediumvoltage surge arresters siemens provides a wide range of surge arrester product families for the protection of mediumvoltage systems and components up to 72. Lighting company limited kplc and it lays down minimum requirements for 11kv and 33 kv distribution surge arresters. Lightning protection and grounding general 12 00 01 01 sheet 3 of 9 distribution construction standards eng. High overvoltage energy absorption capability the zinc oxide arresters can absorb all kinds of energy of lightning and switching surge. Metaloxide surge arresters in highvoltage power systems. High current 4 10 s 65 ka peak low current 2000 s 150 a peak. Discharge voltage table in every arrester datasheet, you will find a most important table about the discharge voltage of the arrester in question. Thus, a 209 kv mcov dynavar arrester on a 362 kv system can withstand twice the energy per discharge as that resulting from the ansi test.

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